Hello! I'm just an ordinary russian girl with a lot of dreams and good imagination. I like compare myself with Anne from "Anne of Green Gables" (maybe you've read this book or 've seen the movie). I like football - a lot, and watch some other dif kinds of sport - biathlon, hockey, etc. I like music - My favorite is k-pop music. 2PM, U-KISS, MBLAQ, Infinite, CN BLUE, FT Island, B2ST, IU, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee and so on. I'm addicted to k-daramas. My first was "My Princess" and "Dream High" made me K-pop fan!))


TAEMIN : M is for Mischievous →  being naughtily or annoyingly playful a.k.a. little shit~

#Happy Taemin Day
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Kyungsoo’s voice in the beginning of Thunder

Enjoy at full volume :3

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